5 Tips for Becoming a Fashion Stylist That Every Fashion Stylist Should Know

What Exactly Is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist is a skilled individual who manages all aspects of a person’s visual appearance to make them appear as fashionable and attractive as possible.

A fashion stylist is a professional who helps clients look and feel their best by enhancing their appearance with distinctive hair, makeup and wardrobe choices. A wide variety of businesses might use fashion stylists, including those who are well-known or just wish to appear attractive. Some stylists have become famous in their own right. Celebrities frequently collaborate with actors, musicians, and high-profile clients.

What is a Fashion Stylist’s Role in the Industry?

A fashion stylist’s responsibilities are numerous. Some of the most common duties they will have to perform include:

  • To be kept up to date on the newest fashions and trends, attend runway shows, brand showcase visits, and other fashion industry events.
  • To create a period-appropriate aesthetic, take inspiration from previous eras (through magazines, movies, or an old lookbook).
  • Finding apparel from a wide range of companies and manufacturers around the world.
  • Consultants, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, costume designers, brand creative directors, art directors, magazine editors, and film and TV producers are just a few of the positions that fall under this category.
  • Working with celebrities to develop a unique visual aesthetic. Personal shopping and dressing in the position of a personal stylist are two examples of this.
  • Participating in major retail chain purchases.

5 Important Fashion Stylist Success Tips

Developing a professional wardrobe is difficult. As a stylist, you must excel in the following areas:

1. Develop strong networking skills

As a stylist, you must build a client base, network with designers and industry professionals, and attend numerous trade shows. If you fall behind, it might be difficult to catch up in such a competitive sector as fashion.

2. Develop close personal and professional relationships.

To acquire new style clients, you must have existing ones. While a client’s appearance on a red carpet or in major fashion publications might assist some fashion stylists to gain attention, most firms will come from friends and coworkers of current customers.

3. Don’t be shy

You can’t be afraid to promote yourself if you want to succeed. Make an effort to attend parties and lunches, and don’t be bashful in asking your successful mentors for recommendations as you start your own firm.

4. Experience is more important than a diploma

In terms of education, some fashion stylists have a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree, but the topic of college may never arise when applying for someone’s personal stylist. Years of expertise in the sector will open more opportunities than any specific diploma.

5. Stay up to date

A career as a fashion stylist may be perfect for you if you’re passionate about style, up to date on current trends, have strong communication skills, and are prepared to work long hours for occasionally thankless employment.